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July 11, 2007

Setahun lebih berlalu..

Holla everybody..

Sorry for the delay.. Was so bz with d baby now become big baby oredi n soon gonna have another baby.. Thanks for those who support this blog.. Wanna know about this baby rite? Will appear soon but not so soon at d new blog. Baby boy delivered safe n soundly on 27th November 2005 at 6.45p.m. Named Akalil Fathi bin Mohd Fairuz Akhla. Everything was ok n fine just he is a G6PDian. Must avoid kacang parang. After 1 month, him,my hubby n i were moved to Singapore for a new life. Later will update all of u perkembangan dia dari sebulan sampai d latest one.. Insyaallah..Siap dgn gambar..Just doakan i sihat dan ada masa utk ini...

C ya!! ;)

Bu.. slept soundly at 7/11/2007 01:51:00 PM

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